Proud Home Owners

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I’m back. I had an interesting day yesterday.

I went out and assessed a beautiful property that has been owned by this couple since the 1940’s. This gentleman is 91 years old and his wife and his wife is 84. Two very nice people.

I asked this couple a few questions on the phone before I went out to measure how serious they were about selling  their property (we call that pre-qualifying in the real estate business) and concluded that their motivation to sell was weak at best but since I sort of know a couple of their kids and I was also curious to see what they had, I agreed to go out.

When I got there, I was very graciously received. The lady of the house answered the door but the gentleman gave me the grand tour. It was a beautiful stone home, oh about 2800 square feet or so and sitting on about 4 acres in town. He was quite proud of his castle and rightfully so. It was really magnificent. But what was interesting about this guided tour was that it came with more commentary on the possessions within the home rather than of the property itself.

He told me about his mother and father and his wife’s mother and father. He told me about his kids and his grand kids. He talked about the early years of his life and how life was like back then. These stories he told me were all triggered by either a possession he displayed quite proudly or a picture on the wall. Some awesome stories for sure. You could tell without question that this man was a few things… proud of accomplishments and possessions, proud of his family (there were tons of pictures) and proud to be a Canadian (Born of Italian parents FYI).

The tour was terrific and I was quite grateful for the time they spent with me but what struck me most about this tour was when I was speaking to the both of them about where they would go if they sold this home and they didn’t quite know. What they did know was that they knew they are both near the end of their days and not only do they want to stay in their home as long as they can, they also want to spend as much of their days together as possible. There was no doubt in my mind this couple are very much in love. So much so in fact, they told that they were once on vacation and the plane they were on was having some trouble and even though they were frightened for their lives themselves, they were sort of happy because had something happened, they would have perished together and neither one would have to suffer the loss of the other.

My visit was just over 90 minutes. I will definitely send them a market evaluation letter in the mail (which was what they were after) and probably nothing will come of it but I can honestly tell you it was so nice to see such happy people with such great memories and still very excited about their lives. That’s probably why they’re still around.

I don’t know why I’m telling you this story but just thought it was nice and wanted to share it with you.

Have a good one!




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