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 The Real Estate & Mortgage Show PodcastThe Real Estate & Mortgage Show Podcast

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Episode 50

7 Reasons Why Real Estate is A Great Investment

This is the 50th Episode and you might want to know Why Real Estate Is A Great Investment! You might not want to miss this valuable information that can give you Passive income

Episode 49

If I Had It To Do Over Again

I have been asked by my friend“If you’re giving your 21 year old self advice about anything, What would you advice?” Hear my answer and listen now to this episode

Episode 48

5 Real Estate Myths Debunked

This episode is about 5 Real Estate Myths that  people think are true but they are not as they are  myths. I’d like to debunk it as  they do come up from time to time.

Episode 47

Buyer Representation Agreements

It is phenomenal for the Real Estate Agent and also for the Buyer. Do you want to know why? Listen now to this week’s episode!

Episode 46

Open Houses. Do they work?

Are you a you planning to do an Open House? If yes, then you want to know if Open Houses does work! Listen now to this episode and surely you’ll learn a lot!

Episode 45

Conditional Offers Part 2

This is the 2nd and last part of the Conditional Offers, Listen now to learn more now!

Episode 44

Conditional Offers

This is a 2 part series of the Conditional Offers

Episode 43

Electronic Signatures Are Finally Here!!

Something very exciting happened! This makes the transaction ultra fast and makes life easier!

Episode 42

7 Characteristics of Today’s 1st Time Home Buyer

Today’s Home Buyers are much different back in the Stone Age. This is a very interesting episode,especially with Walter’s many years of experience in the Real Estate Business Listen now!

Episode 41

6 Frustrating Things About The Current Real Estate Market

You will learn on how to combat the 6 frustrating things about the current real estate market by listening to this episode

Episode 40

 This episode is about the Standard forms that Real Estate Agents use in terms of executing agreements of purchase and sale and listing agreements

Episode 39

9 Things FSBO Companies Don’t Want You To Know

Episode 38

FIX & FLIP | How do you make money on Fix and Flips? Is it really very easy to do and Do you really only need a small amount to be able to do it? Listen to this week’s episode now to learn more about Fix and Flip! *FLIP by Rick Villani and Clay Davis  http://amzn.to/1Ru6MIc

Episode 37

BUYERS BEWARE!! A recent scam in the real estate business has occurred and I wanted to bring this to your attention. It’s a short episode but if you’re in the market to buy a home you don’t want to miss it.

Episode 36

Home Buying Process Step 6 of 6
This is the 6th Step of the 6 Steps to the Home Buying process which is “your deal has become firm and binding”
Listen now to this week’s episode!

Episode 35

Home Buying Process Step 5 of 6
This week’s episode is about what happens once your offer is accepted and the series of events that takes place during that process from what happens to your deposit to the due diligence you need to exercise during that short time period.

Episode 34

Home Buying Process Step 4 of 6
Offer time! You’ve found the house of your dreams. Now what?
This weeks episode covers what you need to do and how you need to tackle it.

Episode 33

Home Buying Process Step 3 of 6

Step 3 is the actual physical shopping for the house. A lot of people like to try and jump to this step right away but it’s always very important to make sure that we tackle the steps one at a time

Episode 32

Home Buying Process Step 2 of 6

Step 2 is all about evaluating your needs. This is a delicate process as you have to watch not over spending as much as you need to be careful not to underspend either. We also go over the importance of a good buyers agent.

Episode 31

Home Buying Process Step 1 of 6

This week’s episodeis is the first of a series of 6 covering the steps involved in “The Home Buying Process”. In this step we cover “Budgeting”

Episode 30

10 Things To Consider For Mortgage Renewals

Is your mortgage coming up for renewal? Listen to this weeks episode and discover the 10 things you must consider before you sign on the dotted line.

Episode 29


FSBO vs Power of Sale…

Have you ever bought something with a certain expectation then come to the realization it wasn’t what you expected at all? This week we talk about what looks to be a good real estate deal but in the end may very well not be.

Episode 28

No Down Payment Program

Even though the CMHC 100% financing option is no longer available, buying a home with no down payment may still be an option for some buyers but only if you’re able to meet certain criteria.

Listen to this week’s episode and find out what they are.

Episode 27

Things Buyers Do That They Need To Stop

Last week we spoke about a few things Sellers should stop doing. This week we answer the same question but this time it’s what Buyers do that they need to stop. It’s a short show so you can listen to it while you’re on a short drive or walk.

Episode 26

12 Things Home Sellers Do That They Need To Stop

If your home is on the market or it’s soon to be on the market,then this week’s episode
is a must. Through my 28 years in the business, there are things that Sellers do that
impede the sale of their homes and Sellers may not even know you’re doing them. So
tune in this week and discover what you need to stop doing in order to make your
home selling experience quick and profitable.

Episode 25

“Everything Mortgages”… an interview with one of Waterloo Region’s top mortgage brokers, Karen Monteiro.

This week’s podcast is an interview with mortgage broker, Karen Monteiro. I pepper her with questions about what’s happening in today’s mortgage market. If you or somebody you know is in the market for a mortgage is about to refinance, this episode is a must.

Episode 24

RRSP Mortgage Investing

RRSP Mortgage Investing has been around for years but it’s been treated as a secret because banks and financial planners don’t want you to know about. In this session, Walter explains how you can use your RRSP to invest in mortgages. The returns can be quite lucrative.

Curious to know more? Listen in. | http://rrspmortgageinvestor.com

Episode 23

RRSP Downpayment

It’s RRSPs Season so the timing couldn’t be better to discuss using your RRSP’s to buy a home.
It’s one of the few perks left for first time home buyers so take advantage of it while you can.
Walter will show you how on this week’s episode. |  http://waltermonteiro.com/podcast

Episode 22

RRSP’s and Real Estate

Most of you know it’s  a great way for 1st time home buyers to buy their first home but did you know they can also be used to invest in real estate as well? This weeks show is loaded with great info just in time before the RRSP deadline. http://rrspmortgageinvestor.com

Episode 21

Closing Costs

In this week’s episode of The Real Estate & Mortgage Show, Walter discusses “Closing Costs” and things that you need to know when buying a property especially the costs involved.

Episode 20

HST (Harmonized Sales Tax)

The HST. How it’s applicable to real estate.
You may be surprised where it is and where it isn’t and how you can protect yourself from paying it “by accident”.

Episode 19

Rent to Own

Are you planning to “Rent to Own”?If you are, then wait for a while. Walter discusses the pros and cons of a Rent to Own Scheme

Episode 18

1st Time Homebuyer’s Incentives

If you are a first time home buyer then you won’t want to miss this week’s episode where Walter discusses the little known incentives you are entitled to and some helpful tips to make the home buying process a little more affordable.

Episode 17

Common Seller Mistakes

Facts You Thought Were True That Aren’t.

Discover the the mistruths and wives tales of the real estate transaction. Walter shares with you 7 points you need to know if you’re going to be selling any real estate in 2015.

Episode 16

The 10 Commandments

Have you been pre-approved for a mortgage?

Listen to the 10 things you need to avoid so you don’t lose your pre-approval.

The last thing you want happening is falling in love with your dream home only to find out you no longer qualify for the mortgage because you’ve broken one or more of the Home Buyer commandments.

Episode 15

Power Of Sale Properties

Have you ever thought about buying one?
Are they as good a deal as people think they are?
Are there any risks involved in buying one in comparison to a traditional sale?

This week listen to Walter’s conversation with Real Estate Lawyer Victor Hussein.
Victor shares some valuable information that many people don’t even think about. If you’re thinking of buying a Power Of Sale listing, this is information you won’t want to miss.

Episode 14

For Sale By Owners (FSBO)

This weeks’ episode is about For Sale By Owners.
What you should know before you decide to buy or sell a home through a FSBO.

Episode 13

Multiple Offers

In a busy real estate market, getting your offer accepted when there is multiple bidders becomes a challenge. Walter Monteiro shares some pointers on how you can beat out other buyers with a winning bid and get the home of your dreams.

Episode 12

Interview With a Property Appraiser

This week I finally was able to hook up with CRA property appraiser Blaine Connolly. Blaine shared some great information with regarding the appraisal process and shed some light on some misconceptions of the business.

Episode 11

Derek Holt. Cooperators Ins.

Episode 10

Interview With Victor Hussein

Walter Monteiro of Coldwell Banker Maximum Results interviews with Real Estate Lawyer Victor Hussein

Episode 9

Walter Monteiro RRSP Mortgage Investor

This week I thought it was a good time to talk to you about an RRSP investment alternative that I feel very passionate about. RRSP mortgage investing. In fact I wrote a book on the topic last year about it. It’s available online at www.rrspmortgageinvestor.com

Episode 8

Nino Gagliardi

Walter Monteiro of Coldwell Banker Maximum Results interviews Nino Gagliardi

Episode 7

Mike Braga CIRP with BDO Canada Limited

This week on Interview with the Experts we speak with Mike Braga, a trustee in bankruptcy with BDO Canada Limited. Mike shares with us some very interesting information about bankruptcy and some options you may not of even known you have.

Episode 6

Karen Monteiro, Mortgage Alliance Maximum Results Financial Services Inc

This weeks interview with Mortgage Broker Karen Monteiro of Mortgage Alliance Maximum Results Financial Services Inc. Karen shares some insights as to the role a mortgage broker plays in helping you obtain the right mortgage for your goals and needs.

Episode 5

Walter Monteiro interviews Carolann Wilson of Property Presenters

Walter Monteiro of Coldwell Banker Maximum Results interviews Carolann Wilson, a professional home stager with Property Presenters.

Episode 4

Heather Schmitz of AMJ Campbell, Moving Consultant, Interviewed by Walter Monteiro

Walter Monteiro of Maximum Results Coldwell Banker in Cambridge, interviews Heather Schmitz of AMJ Campbell.

Episode 3

Aberdeen Homes owner Nathan Hallman, interviewed by Walter Monteiro

Coldwell Banker Maximum Results co-owner Walter Monteiro, interviews the President of Aberdeen Homes, a Cambridge-KW home builder.

Episode 2

Walter Monteiro Interviews Cambridge KW Home Inspector

Interview with John Maggs. A home inspector in the Cambridge Kitchener Waterloo area. John and his wife Bridgett are the owners of Global Property Inspections. John shares some insights on the home inspection process you should be aware of  when out shopping for a new home.

Episode 1

Why you need a Real Estate lawyer!

Interview Victor Hussein. Victor is a real estate attorney that practises in the Cambridge Kitchener Waterloo area.

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