Mom on Maternity Leave Gets $100,000 phone call!

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TORONTO, April 22 /CNW/ – On the afternoon of Monday April 12th, Amber Boucher was busy taking care of the family’s four children in their Cambridge Ontario home when the phone rang. What Amber didn’t know was this phone call would be a life-changing experience that would leave her family $100,000 richer!

On the other end of the line was Louie Bettio, Brand Champion of Mortgage Alliance of Canada calling the Boucher family to advise them that their name had been randomly selected from the Mortgage Alliance $100,000 Minimize Your Mortgage Sweepstakes database comprised of clients who purchased a mortgage through a Mortgage Alliance Professional in 2009.

Amber and Jeff Boucher had purchased a mortgage in 2009 from Mortgage Alliance, Maximum Results Cambridge Franchise office. Having seen posters in the office promoting the $100,000 Minimize Your Mortgage Sweepstakes, the couple completed their transaction with Karen and Walter Monteiro (owners of Maximum Results) and thought nothing more of it….until Monday April 12th, 2010.

Amber and Jeff are actually repeat clients of the Monteiros.


Well I have to say that was pretty exciting. Yet another bonus to using a mortgage broker primarily a Mortgage Alliance Maximum Results mortgage broker to arrange your mortgage.

It’s been said that using a mortgage broker offers the customer “3 C’s… Convenience, choice, counsel and now Cash!!! So I guess we’ll have to change that top 4 C’s!!

Make it a great day.

Walter Monteiro

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