Hello October!

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Wow, can you believe it. September is gone and here we are in October. Today is actually my wife Karen’s birthday. She’s turning 39 today (again!)

Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

We celebrated our birthdays (mine was in September) along with our wedding anniversary with a trip to Las Vegas last week. It was a blast as usual. Took in some shows, did some gambling, and had some great dinners in some really nice restaurants. Anyways, enough about that.

The Cambridge KW real estate market seems to be purring along quite nicely. The market is well balanced with a good supply of both Buyers and Sellers. Of course the odd time we are still running into multiple offers situations if the property is hot.

One particular type of property that’s still in relatively high demand is income generating residential properties. People are tired of watching their investment nest eggs dwindle away and real estate looks to be a great alternative. So if you know anybody that is looking to sell a multi unit dwelling, please give me a call.

Another RRSP alternative that has gained some momentum is investing in private mortgages using your RRSP. This is where you lend home buyers money that is secured by real estate often resulting in double digit returns. I know what you’re thinking….. It sounds risky and it can be if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why I’ve written a book on the subject that I would encourage you to explore. Click here to see how you can get a copy. And if that’s too hands on for you, you can always look at investing in a MIC. That stands for a mortgage investment corporation.  This is where a group of investors pool their money to invest in mortgages and leave the day to day tasks to a group of professionals to manage it. I’ve actually got a webinar recorded online with more information about this as well. You can watch it by clicking right here.

Anyway, it’s a nice sunny autumn today so make sure you get out and enjoy it. And if you’re in the Myers Road area, drop into our sales trailer at Strathaven Court (on the corner of Cheese Factory and Myers) and say Hello.

Have a great weekend!

Walter Monteiro.

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