Happy Labour Day Weekend

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Happy Labour Day!! If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering where the summer went.  Well from the looks of it, it’s not quite over yet. The weather has been unbelievable and it looks like we’re in store for lots more sunshine.

The summer of 2012 will definitely go down in books as one to remember for sure. On August 23rd, we had our first Grandchild.  Sofia Clarissa Herrera Monteiro. She is quite a bundle of joy. It’s amazing how somebody so little has so much influence over an entire household of people. She was born while we were away on vacation in California but we were back home within a day so we haven’t missed much.

California by the way was fantastic. It wasn’t my first time there but it was the first time I was there for pleassure as opposed to business. Our time was spent mostly around Newport Beach but of course we did the touristy stuff and ventured around Malibu, Santa Monica, Hollywood etc. If you haven’t been you definitely have to go. It’s naturally beautiful and it has some awesome wines to!

We anticipate the last quarter of this year to be quite exciting. We are working on some exciting changes that I will keep you posted on.

One thing I’ve decided to take on is to get myself back in shape. Fortunately my health is good but my weight is definately creeping up (228lbs! Wow!) and I want to get that back in order. The gym I used to go to closed up and I’ve been lazy to get my butt to another one so I’m publicly declaring that I am starting the Insanity workout program. It’s a 6o workout program (videos) that looks very intense. I’m going to create another page here on my blog so you can see my progress and I invite you to help me stay accountable.

As for the rest of the weekend, I’m going to try and enjoy some time poolside which in the real estate business is not always easy. I wish you and your families all the best and I hope the balance of 2012 delivers to you all of your dreams and wishes.



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