Cambridge Food Bank

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A few months ago I entered a weight loss contest with a few colleagues of mine that belong to a business networking group I meet with once a week.
The contest was spearheaded by Frank Centofanti who is the local editor of the Snap community newspaper. The contest has 8 participants and we all put up $250.00 each to enter. It runs to the end of June and the person that loses the most weight takes the whole pot and contributes it to the charity of their choice. So that’s $2000.00 to the lucky winner.
Frank has been tracking our success in the paper on a regular basis and there are some pretty strong horses. I however am in dead last with a 1.5lbs weight loss to date and quite honestly didn’t really care where I stood.
On March 17th, 2010, Pat Singleton from the Food Bank invited my down to lunch at their facility and said they would like to honour my participation in the contest which I graciously accepted. I have to say that it was at this point that I took a different position in my participation in this contest.
The group at the food bank informed me that over 1800 local families use this facility which was a complete shock to me. I mean after all, I knew there was obviously a need for this facility but I didn’t realize it was to this magnitude.
Being of Portuguese decent, from time to time I drive my 88 year old Father down to pick up some groceries at the Bairos Super Market which is located right next door to the Food bank. As I waited for him in the car, I watched people come in and out of the food bank with a steady flow. Most of the people coming and going and I didn’t recognize but having lived in Cambridge all my life, many of the faces were also quite familiar to me. In fact some of them I knew growing up. It made me wonder, what happened to these people. I was informed that the state of the economy, illness both mental and physical, marital issues, all play a role in why people run in to some hard times and I’m sure that the very fact that they have to resort to the use of a food bank is quite humbling.
I’ve been very blessed with good parents, siblings, family and friends. I know that by the grace of God, I am a fortunate individual and at the same time I could have very easily been one of these people that need help.
So I turned up the heat and have decided to take on this contest seriously. I have hired a local company to assist me in this contest and I would like to ask you to help by either contributing to the Food bank yourself or by dropping a full grocery bag off to my office at 1165 Franklin Blvd (Coldwell Banker) here in Cambridge, which I will gladly deliver for you.
My weight as of this morning is 222lbs. I’ll keep you posted of my progress.

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